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Hi, we’re LePrix Wholesale. We are the world’s first digital, pre-owned luxury wholesale platform driving real business growth for buyers.

We made wholesale buying simple and easy to use. Our mission is to revolutionize the wholesale industry for vintage luxury.

We get it. Currently, sourcing pre-owned luxury wholesale is cumbersome, expensive and risky when trying to source pre-owned luxury wholesale by yourself. We’ve made the complex, cumbersome buying process, smooth, smart and simple.

So instead of waiting to see what your customers consign, we’re ... read more

COVID-19 Survival Kit (Updated! Do these 3 Things Today to Save Your Business)

Friday, April 3, 2020 Update! Do these 3 things today for your business, our economy, your sanity ;) ….

If you have not done so already, please apply for the SBA’s Economic Injury & Disaster Loan (“EIDL”) and Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) ASAP. This is almost free money for you to use to keep your business running or get it back and running (at least minimally). If you have already laid off your team, you will be able to (re-)employ your team.

(1) Latest SBA EIDL Application:read more

How to Grow Your Sales Right Now

As we navigate these times, we wanted to share how our customers’ shopping behavior and preferences have changed as well over the last two months.

  • Pricing is Everything
    • As expected, people are becoming even more price conscious at this time and are looking for great deals.
      • Small Splurges
        • 7% increase in the number of items purchased that were priced under $500. On the other hand, items priced over $1500 saw a 30% decrease ... read more